Ventura Ranch Chip Seal to Begin Soon

It was mentioned at the last HOA meeting about David Cravath, developer of Ventura Ranch, plans to re-chip seal the roads in his sub-division. This project is to start early May and can bring upwards to a hundred trucks on Pronghorn Lane.

In addition to this project, David Cravath has offered to re-chip seal Pronghorn Lane outside the gate if we, as a community, can offset his costs by $3,000. Because this road is outside the subdivision, our HOA dues can not be used for this project.

David Cravath did the last chip seal on his own and it was well done, however it is due for a second layer. If every property owner contributes $50 towards this project there would be enough to get this done. Is there anyone willing to spearhead this?  Time is of the essence as Cravath would complete this while he has the equipment on location for his roads.

Please direct any questions regarding this to Mark Lang (HOA President) or Doug Cassidy (Road Maintenance Committee member).

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Roadway Reconstruction Update

Core Drill sample 5, March 2018

Core Drill #5 on Pronghorn Lane


Around the end of March, Pavement Scopers, the company hired to reconstruct the paved roads within our HOA, core drilled 10 sample areas to establish thickness of pavement where patching may be needed. The core drill samples have been sent to a lab for analysis and we are awaiting the results before moving onto the next stage of the repairs.

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2018 First Quarter HOA Meeting

This Thursday, March 8, 2018, the Lonesome Valley HOA Board of Directers will hold a quarterly meeting at 6:00 p.m. at the Prescott Valley Library in the Crystal Room located on the third floor.

The agenda for this meeting has been posted today on the community bulletin board across from Grass Valley Lane on East Pronghorn Lane, as well as attached below.

The minutes listed on the agenda, as well as the financials are also attached below.

2018 March 8 Agenda
2017 December 7 and December 21 Approved minutes
2018 February 3 Approved Meeting Minutes
Jan-Mar 2018 Financial Statements

Note: There is an error on the agenda regarding approval of the minutes for the January meeting, which actually took place in February.

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Meeting at the Cattle Guard

On February 3, 2018, the HOA Board of Directors held a special meeting at the entrance of the subdivision near the cattle guard.  It was attended by several homeowners who listened to an attorney candidate on the subject of the possibility of a road maintenance agreement with Ventura Ranch in the future.

Doug Cassidy gave an update on the road maintenance bid and there was much discussion and input provided by the attending homeowners.

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Bulletin Board Update

Posted January 31, 2018

Lonesome Valley Community Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Time: Saturday, February 3, 2018

Location: Cattle Guard entrance


  1. Call to Order
  2. Establish a Quorum
  3. Meet with attorney candidate for possibly representing HOA in road maintenance agreement with Ventura Ranch.
  4. Meeting adjournment
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And the winners are…

At tonight’s continuation of the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors, two members were voted to fill the two vacating terms. Mark Lang was re-elected for another term, and Rex Alan Auker was elected, adding a new face to the Board. Mark was nominated and elected to position of President, Dennis Ryan was elected as the Vice-president, Mona Ryan (absent), was nominated and re-elected as Treasurer and Christine Miles will continue to act as Secretary.

The new ARC Committee for 2018 consists of Mark Lang, Dan Nila, and Ken Robinson. A Road Maintenance Committee was formed, mainly to oversee and report to the Board on the repairs on Pronghorn Lane, but to also report to the Board any issues that come up with any of the other maintained roads in the subdivision. Doug Cassidy, who has already put an extensive amount of time into the project will serve on the committee along with homeowner Robert Arnold.

More information will be provided in the near future.

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To be continued…

An extension of the 2017 Annual BOD Meeting is to be scheduled December 21st. Two vacancies on the Board of Directors are in need of filling.  Two more names have been thrown into the hat, making four candidates; their bios can be found below as well as the new ballots.

Meanwhile, attached below is the 2018 Proposed Budget and a proposal from Pavement Scopers for roadway reconstruction of Pronghorn Lane.

Budget Proposal for 2018
Pavement Scopers Proposal
2017 Candidate Bios
2017 Annual Meeting Absentee Ballot (2)

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