Get Ready to Vote!

No, I’m not referencing the upcoming General Election, but to fill the three HOA board vacancies. Mona and Dennis Ryan have recently resigned and Patrick Smith’s term on the Board is coming to an end. If you would like to be considered for a vacancy on the Board of Directors, complete the attached Candidate Nomination Form and return it to Christine Miles by November 21st. 2018 BOD Candidate Nomination Form. The vote will take place at the Annual Board of Directors meeting planned to take place the week of December 10th-14th. The actual date and location TBD.

Tonight’s meeting was attended by 32 homeowners in addition to the Board members, Mark Lang, Rex Auker, and Patrick Smith (who was present by phone).  I missed the introduction of the woman who represented Pinetree Management for Christine Miles, Property Manager.

It looks like the scheduled road construction for Pronghorn Lane is postponed due to the recent rain caused by the Tropical Storm Rosa which arrived shortly after the end of the monsoon season. With the arrival of the colder weather, the road construction is believed to be delayed until Spring 2019.

The 3rd Annual Christmas Light Contest is already being planned, so mark your calendar for December 16th. Last year’s winners, Mary and Andy Chinander, will host this year contest.  More information to follow.

Jan 1 -Oct 17, 2018 Profit and Loss Statement




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Upcoming BOD Meeting

There is a lot to cover at the upcoming Board meeting, so it is advised that if you are able, please attend. The meeting is scheduled for October 18, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. and will be held at the Crystal Room at the Prescott Valley Library. On the agenda is mention of three BOD positions up for election.

2018 Oct 18 Agenda
2018 June 26 Unapproved Minutes

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Regular September Board Meeting Delayed

The regularly scheduled Board meeting for September has been delayed and set for October 18th, 2018; to be held at the Prescott Valley Library at 6:00 p.m.  As soon as an agenda has been received, it will be added to this website.

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The Ryan’s Resign from the Board

A September 14, 2018 post by Mona Ryan on the Facebook group page: Lonesome Valley Friend’s & Neighbors announced the resignation of herself and her husband, Dennis Ryan, as HOA board members due to other obligations and family health issues.  We thank them for their contributions to the Board and wish them well.

Expect in the coming days to receive information from our property manager, Christine Miles on this for the upcoming Board Meeting to be scheduled later this month.

Mona Ryan Facebook post dated Sep 14, 2018

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Work on Pronghorn Lane is Scheduled to Begin

UPDATE: There is a delay on the start date due to recent rains brought on by Tropical Storm Rosa.

The long awaited for road repairs for Pronghorn Lane by Cactus Asphalt has been scheduled to start October 9th and to be completed on October 15th.  This is after the end of the monsoon season, which ends September 30th, and therefore the weather shouldn’t delay the road construction.

A meeting to finalize details between the Board and Cactus Asphalt is still expected to take place. An update should be available at the next proposed Quarterly Board Meeting set for September 27th October 18th.


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Update on Ventura Ranch Chip Seal

According to Doug Cassidy, Road Maintenance Committee member, David Cravath is planning to begin the final chip seal on his roads to Ventura Ranch this Wednesday, August 22nd. This will include the quarter mile stretch of Pronghorn Lane from Covered Wagon to Crimson Canyon.  Expect to see a lot of truck activity.

There is no update on the road repairs for the rest of Pronghorn Lane at this time. Scheduling with Cactus Asphalt has not yet taken place.

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2nd Quarter 2018 BOD Meeting Held Last Night

The summer heat didn’t stop Lonesome Valley residents from attending last nights HOA meeting. We were short a couple of board members, but had a quorum, so the meeting proceeded. The March minutes were approved with a correction to the board members in attendance; Doug Cassidy was no longer holding office and Rex Auker was not listed.

President Mark Lang gave his report, saying it was a slow quarter. Activity included him and Patrick filling potholes with the cold patch left over from the road maintenance on Pronghorn a couple of years ago. It was noted that more potholes are in need of filling.

The Treasurer, Mona Ryan, was not available to give the treasurer’s report, but the financial reports were available to everyone for review. Nothing remarkable was noted.

Doug Cassidy gave an update on the Pronghorn Lane repair, which included 3 bids that came in to Pavement Scoopers. Facts and figures were presented and discussed at length. Mark made a motion that we proceed with a contract for Cactus Asphalt at 124K (the lowest of the three that came in). It was seconded and the motion carried. No nays. The attempt at a maintenance agreement with Ventura Ranch hasn’t been promising, and so it was decided that we must proceed with the road repairs. Cravath will be notified through our lawyer of the intent to proceed without him. It will be upon him if he should decided to pay for more than the double chip seal.

There is a desire to simplify by doing some rewording of the ARC form and clarification of the road impact fee vs. an assessment fee. The new form will include fees based on the square footage of construction: 0-600 sq ft = no fee, 601-1200 sq ft= $500, 1201-1800 sq ft = $1000, and 1801 sq ft = $2000. There is expected to be special ARC requests that will require different fees than posted for the building of structures.  The Board approved to have revisions to the form, but a date of completion was not given.

The next meeting is proposed for September 11, 2018.

2018 Jan-June Financial Report

2018 June 26 Unapproved Minutes

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